Invited talks

  1. ”P. Maragos, " Multisensory Video Processing and Learning For Human-Robot Interaction ", Invited Talk at the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 2019.
  2. A. Vacalopoulou, X. S. Papageorgiou, S.-E. Fotinea, E. Efthimiou, “Multimodal human data capturing in the context of building communication models for human-machine interaction and Sign Language recognition”, Workshop: Measurements in Linguistic Studies, December 2019, Athens.
  3. A. Karavasili, “The use of robotic technology in rehabilitation”, Department of Medicine, University of Thessaly, May 2020.
  4. A. Karavasili, “The role of multidisciplinary rehabilitation in health and wellbeing”, PETRA 2020, Greece, July 2020.



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