• WP1: User needs and clinical evaluation

    • T1.1: User needs
    • T1.2: Data collection and annotation
    • T1.3: Clinical evaluation
  • WP2. Processing and Recognition of MultiSensory Signals 

    • T2.1: Gait tracking and analysis using laser sensors
    • T2.2: Visual Sensing, Human Tracking, and Action Recognition
    • T2.3: Voice Command Recognition
    • T2.4: Smart sensors for tracking and processing of physiological signals
  • WP3. Control and motion planning of robotic platform

    • T3.1: Control of autonomous motion of robotic platform
    • T3.2: Robotic navigation
    • T3.3: Human robot interaction control and user mobility assistance functionality
  • WP4 Human-Machine Interaction

    • T4.1: Human-Machine Interaction Design
    • T4.2: Dialog management
    • T4.3: Interaction via voice
  • WP5. Robotic Platform Design and Implementation of Integrated System

    • T5.1: Needs analysis and design of robotic platform parameters
    • T5.2: Design and implementation of platform hardware
    • T5.3: Design and implementation of platform software
  • WP6: Commercial exploitation of results



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