iWalk-related actions

  1. AIC 2019: ILSP/Athena RC gave a key-note speech to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019, 23-25 May 2019, Vienna, Austria:  Increasing user acceptance by augmented robot intelligence: the lesson we got from the semantics of human communication
  2. Petra 2019: ILSP/Athena RC organized a workshop titled “AR4U Workshop: The 2nd Workshop on Assistive Robots: Technological Challenges and the User Perspective”
  3. ILSP/Athena RC demonstrated i-Walk in the 84th International Expo of Thessaloniki, 7 Sep- 15 Sep 2019, Greece.
  4. ICIP 2019: ICCS presented an i-Walk related tutorial at ICIP2019, 22-25 September 2019, Taipei, Taiwan: Multisensory Video Processing and Learning For Human-Robot Interaction
  5. ILSP/Athena RC and ICCS demonstrated the i-Walk project in the European Researchers’ Night 2019, Athens.
  6. All partners demonstrated the i-Walk project to representatives of the EC DG for Regional and Urban Policy, 13/11/2019, Athens.
  7. ILSP/Athena RC demonstrated the i-Walk project in the “30 years Athena RC” Workshop 18/11/2019, Athens.
  8. ILSP/Athena RC demonstrated the i-Walk project in the Human Brain Project Open Day, 3-6/2/2020, Athens.



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